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Steam Room – $30

The gentle heat and high humidity of the Steam Room, deeply penetrate the body to soothe and relax the muscles. Wet heat opens the pores of your skin to aid body detoxification, cleanse and sooth aching muscle and leave your skin softer and smoother. Finish with a cold shower to energise and invigorate. Soft lighting and background music create a relaxed, informal atmosphere and a calming sense of well being.

Enjoy the Spa experience in a setting which invites you to unwind and soothe your cares away.

Body Scrubs

Rose Paste Body Scrub with Rose Mask. (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

60 min $115

Dead Sea Body Scrub.(Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

80 min $150

Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub.(Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

80 min $150

Natural Rose paste used to scrub and polish with Argan oil to nourish and massage your body, followed by the application of our rose mask whilst we provide a relaxing head massage. This will leave your skin feeling silky, radiant and smelling great. Be sure to take advantage of this treatment. The Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub will have you soaking in hydrating oils, relaxing in the steam room, before salt is used to exfoliate dead cells, leaving the skin ready for regeneration. Dead Sea salt and desert minerals to scrub, buff, polish, and exfoliate away your dead skin, then covering your body with Dead Sea mud, rich with 21 different minerals, leaving your skin tingling and smooth all over. This journey is completed with a relaxing body massage using our luxurious Dead Sea butter. Step behind the velvet ropes to enjoy a scrub so invigorating that it leaves you feeling like you have the softest skin you have ever had. Using a blend of raw sugar, cinnamon, and various other natural ingredients, this treatment is eighty minutes of vigorous work on your skin, polishing you up like a shiny stone to leave skin that is soft as a baby. Lie back in the steam room and let the professionals buff and scrub your skin to its highest potential while the Hammam music lulls you into deep relaxation.


Hammam Spa Packages

Traditional Hammam (Restore – Elevate)

45 minutes $100

Royal Hammam (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

90 min $160

Royal Hammam + Massage (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

2 hours 15 min $220


Traditional black soap with eucalyptus oil is applied to the whole body before a body scrub using a special Moroccan glove to exfoliate the skin, followed by an Argan oil rub. This process removes all dead cells from your skin leaving it silky smooth. Stimulates blood circulation, tones and firms the skin. Steam room included. Guiding your body through a journey of renewal an intensive body treatment including exfoliating, nourishing hydrating and fragrance the body using Moroccan black soap to purify the skin, and Moroccan clay to nourish the skin and hair with minerals, followed by Moroccan herbal mask henna, rose flower powder and lavender mixed with orange blossom and rose water to smooth an tighten your skin, hydrating you hair and skin with Argan oil leaving it moist and soft, ending this journey with exotic oriental perfume rub. Steam room included. Experience the Royal Hammam in full and then relax and complete the luxurious treatment with a soothing Moroccan massage. Steam room included.

Traditional Hammam + Massage (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

90 min $160

Grand Hammam (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

3 hours $265

Thousand and one Nights (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

4 hours $370

Experience the full Traditional Hammam, then relax and complete the luxurious treatment with a soothing Moroccan massage. Steam included. Experience the Traditional Hammam combined with our hot oil head massage followed by a pampering luxurious soothing Moroccan massage, finishing with a full pedicure treatment. Steam room included. You are enveloped in a mystic and fragrant mist. Time stands still. Everything appears to be in slow motion as you walk in to the steam room and forget the stresses and frenetic pace of modern life. Let yourself go and let us take you into our peaceful haven. Includes our famous Royal Hammam, relaxation Massage, Lella Signature Facial, Eyebrow threading, nail polish drinks and snacks. The ultimate indulgence!

Hair & Body Sculpt Treatments

Lella Hot Oil Head (Unwind – Restore – Elevate) 40 minutes $50

Lella Herbal Hair Mask (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

60 min $70

Using Indian exotic oils, these herbal oils are a secret blend that works magically with hair, natural oil that moisturises, stimulates growth of hair and repairs, leaving your hair shiny and healthy, and massage then best left on the hair for several hours afterwards for maximum effect. An Ancient Rejuvenating Formula used for Centuries in India. A combination of various herbals like Amla, Brahmi, Tulsi, Jatamansi, Shikakaki, Chandan etc which makes hair healthy and strong. A great treatment for falling and splitting hair – stimulates hair growth and controls grey hair. Hair steam, massage and wash.

Shirodhara Indian Head Massage (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

55 mins / $80

Breast massage for women only (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

20 minutes $25

Traditionally known as “champissage”, this treatment combines both gentle and stimulating techniques on your face , sculpt and the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp to improve blood flow, nourish the scalp and induce a deep sense of calm. Sensational !!! Other cultures and healing systems have long embraced breast massage as part of women’s’ health. It can Increase in breast circulation , decrease the symptoms of menstrual cramps, also helps to reduce discomfort during pregnancy, Increase breast milk production, toning of the muscles in your breasts and improves lymphatic drainage which can prevent cancer by removing unwanted toxins.


Hand & Feet Treatments

Express Manicure

Express Pedicure

Deluxe Spa Pedicure

70 minutes $75

Cut – file and puff’- Cuticle cleaning –nail polish. 35 minutes $45 Soak – scrub – cuticle cleaning- cut & file- nail polish. 45 minutes $55. Foot soak – foot scrub – sugar exfoliation – foot massage – cut& file – foot mask – nail polish.

Deluxe Spa Manicure

60 min $65

Callus Peel Foot Treatment

From $65 (Unwind – Restore)

Hot Towel Foot Exfoliation Massage (Restore)

15 mins $15

Soak – sugar exfoliation – hand and arm massage – cut & file – nail polish. It is the fastest, the most effective and hygienic method to get rid of ugly calluses. The Callus Peel system is a combination of AHA’s and BHA’s working on the feet soften the hardest of skin and calluses. You will be amazed at how much smoother and softer your feet are after the treatment. This popular massage is the ideal addition to any Spa service. We will revive your feet by stretching and compressing them wrapped in hot towels. An exfoliation scrub is applied to stimulate and invigorate followed by an intense hydrating foot cream used to perform a full foot massage.

Traditional Foot Massage (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

40 minutes $55

Hot Stone Foot Massage (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

30 min $45, 45 min $60

Reflexology Foot Massage (Unwind – Restore – Elevate)

30 min $45, 45 min $60

Foot and leg massage totally designed for the wellbeing of the feet and the legs, ideal for heavy numb legs after a long working day, this is truly relaxing from the toe to the knee on muscular flexibility, joint mobility, blood circulation, skin elasticity and volume of the plantar pads. This deeply relaxing treatment uses heated volcanic stones and warm aromatic oils which release their healing energies deep into the muscles dissolving tension and stress. A therapeutic, relaxing massage applying gentle stimulation to reflex points on the feet, detecting crystalline deposits and blockages along the energy lines that correspond to imbalances felt within the body.



Eye Treatments – Threading & Shaping

SpecialEyes Eye Spa Treatment

30 minutes $30

Can effectively ease the tension and fatigue around the eyes, improve your blood circulation and eliminate the ache, pain, and discomfort of the eye, smooth dark-circle and eye bag , reduce your wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity. This is perfect for people who spend long periods of time on computers or who those can’t sleep well.

Enjoy our specialEyes spa treatment using collagen eye mask and our intensive Lotus hydrating serums and vitamins C, incorporated with head massage.

Eyelash & Eyebrow treatment

  • Eyebrow Tinting: $15
  • Eyelash Tinting: $15

Lella Threading

For a defined, precise and beautiful eyebrow shape that accentuates your eyes, then you are in the right place……

  • Eyebrow shaping from $20
  • Eyebrow touch-up $15
  • Lips $10
  • Chin $10
  • Sides $10 each
  • Nick $10
  • Forehead $10
  • Full Face from $55

Body Waxing & Sugaring Treatments

The paste is made of sugar, lemon, honey, cooked together until it caramelize , we use that paste for hair body removal, advantages of Sugaring instead of waxing.
  • Will never adhere to live skin cells.
  • Will never burn skin as it is barely luke warm because it is.not hot like wax.
  • Bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar.
  • Natural healer to skin. Will not damage delicate facial skin tissue in the long term
  • Very little (if any) discomfort.
  • Superior end results, 100% guaranteed
  • Removes hair after 3 to 4 days growth (less than 1/8″).
  • No double dipping.
  • No cross contamination.
  • Will assist in diminishment of ingrown.
  • The skin is left feeling soft and clean
  • Sugaring works well for fine facial hair that cannot be removed by laser
  • You can sugar areas with spider and/or varicose veins
  • Safe for diabetics and anyone with eczema
  • People who have breakouts from wax
  • People with sensitive skin
  • Removal of bikini area
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Unwanted back or chest hair
  • People with busy or active lifestyles
  • Great exfoliant for dry skin

  • Under Arm from $15
  • Half Arm $20
  • Full Arm $30
  • Half Lower Leg $30
  • Half Upper Leg $35
  • Full Leg $55
  • Bikini $20
  • G-String $35
  • Brazilian $60
  • Back $30
  • Tummy $10

  • Under Arm from $20
  • Full Arm from $35
  • Half Lower Leg $45
  • Full Leg $65
  • Back from $35
  • Chest from $35
  • Tummy from $15


Lella Hammam Pamper Packes

Group Packages / Hen’s Party Packages

Enjoy a Hen’s Party, Birthday, Business Rewards Day, VIP Corporate Event or just unwind with friends in our comfortable and relaxed setting. Enjoy a relaxing facial or indulge in a massage or one of our luxurious spa body treatments. Melt away stress and fatigue in the steam room or relax in our Moroccan lounge. Lella Hammam is the perfect place to de-stress and relax with friends or colleagues. Your party will be a day you will remember forever.

Short & Sweet Package (For 4 Persons or more) - 4 Treatments to choose from

  • Neck & shoulder massage
  • Foot massage
  • Hands & arm massage
  • Mint & tea

Ayurveda Spice World Pamper Package

Synergy of numerous essential components that come from spices and essential oils, which can relax the body and the mind.  The treatment is based on working the chakras which  are essential for working and balancing energies.

Experience a pleasant feeling of relaxation and wellbeing with invigorating, restructuring treatment.

Ayurveda Spice Package 1 – $145.00 pp.
For 4 people or more $130 pp.

Allow 2 hours – Snacks & Drinks included

Shirohdara dripping hot oil head massage with coconut

Indian face left toning massage with rose oil and Indian clay mask

Back and neck massage with Tridosha ayurvedic spice oil  (sesame, coconut, Indian saffron, Neem, poppy)

Steam room 15 min

Ayurveda Spice Package 2 – $145.00 pp.
For 4 people or more $130.00 pp.

Allow 2 hours – Snacks & Drinks included


Treatment time 1 hour 30 minutes, please allow 2 hours.

Ginger body salt scrub

Indian peel spice butter with spice (sesame, turmeric, avocado, beewax)

Steam room

Tridosha spice oil full body massage 55min (sesame, coconut, Indian saffron Neem, poppy)

Precious Gems Energising Pamper Package – $145 pp.
For 4 people or more $130.00 pp.

Allow 2 hours – Snacks & Drinks included

We use in his spa treatment products made of micronized minerals which when applied to the skin, will provide the properties and benefits of the semi precious stones and steam, with sapphire particles, soft, velvety textures that provides vitality and dynamics to improve tissue tone and release muscle tension followed by a massage with antifatigue jelly oil with malachite,  it has powerful hydration and nutritional properties increase the skin defence and restore radiance

Thermal body salt polish

Invigorating body rub with sapphire dust cream

Steam room

Full Body massage with Antifatigue oil with malachite

Purify & Detoxify – $275pp.
For a group of 4 or more $225 pp. 

Allow 3 hours – Snacks & Drinks included

A unique spa package designed to help detoxify and regenerate the body. Surrender to the warmth of the steam room as your body is purified, hydrated and refreshed and tensions melt away from the mind, body & spirit.

Orange body peel

Conditioning Hair Mask

Red berries Body Wrap

Face massage Fruit face mask

Steam room

Mint peppermint head sculpt massage

Pure Relaxation Body Massage

The Oriental Senses Pamper Package. – $275 pp.
For a group of 4 or more $225 pp. 

Allow 3 hours /snacks and drinks included

An aromatic a blissful spice journey that is gorgeous for the skin and relaxing for both mind and body, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous, this package is great for after sun exposure. Follow your senses and release your stress leading your mind, body and soul to a place of comfort.

Floral Foot Soak

Ginger & Turmeric Spice Body Exfoliation

Conditioning hair mask

Cooling Yoghurt & honey Body Wrap

Relaxing facial

Indian Scalp Massage

Steam room

Body Massage of your choice

Royal Hammam Package – $160.00 pp.
For a group of 4 or more $145 pp. 

Allow 2 hours – Snacks & Drinks included

Moroccan black soap application

Steam room

Herbal body scrub

Foot scrub

Cleansing facial

Full body Moroccan exfoliation

Moroccan clay body mask and hair mask

Shampoo and condition

Moisturising body treatment

Royal Hammam & Massage Package – $220pp.
For 2 or more $200.00 pp. 

Allow 2 hours – Snacks & Drinks included

Moroccan black soap application

Steam room

Herbal body scrub

Foot scrub

Cleansing facial

Full body Moroccan exfoliation

Moroccan clay body mask and hair mask

Shampoo and condition

Moisturising body treatment

Full body toning massage

Traditional Hammam – $100pp.
For a group of 4 $90 pp. (Group of 8 $80pp)

Allow 1 hour 15 min

Moroccan soap application

Steam room

Herbal body scrub

Full body Moroccan exfoliation

Moisturising treatment

Mint tea

Traditional Hammam and Massage  – $160.
For group of 4 or more $145.00 pp. 

Allow 2 hours – Snacks & Drinks included

Moroccan soap application

Steam room

Herbal body scrub

Full body Moroccan exfoliation

Moisturising treatment

Full body massage

Grand Hammam Package – $275pp.
For a group of 4 or more $235.00 pp.

Allow 3.5 hours – Snacks & Drinks included

Traditional Hammam in full

Hair conditioning mask

Head massage

Full body massage

Indian herbal facial

One Thousand and One Night Hammam Package – $350pp.
For group of 4 or more $290 pp.

Allow 4.5 hours – Snacks & Drinks included

Royal Hammam in full

Floral foot soak

Full body massage

Shirhdara hot oil head massage

Eyebrow threading shaping

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyelash tint

Henna tattoo, temporary (last for 7 days)



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