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What’s in a Moroccan Body Exfoliation that Revitalizes your Skin?



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People would definitely enjoy a day in the spa to get all pampered up especially if you have money to splurge. Some even ask for extra services and treatments on a regular basis just to make sure that their skin will be properly exfoliated.
Exfoliating the skin to have a better glow is essential not just for women but for men as well. Having good skin emits good vibration especially if you are looking for a job or if you have to meet people because of work. A Moroccan body exfoliation is what you need and here’s the secret that makes it popular and a must try:
The Clay
Moroccan body exfoliation is done by covering the entire body with body clay mask called Rhassoul Clay. This reddish-brown cosmetic clay has been used for over 1400 years as a soap, shampoo and skin conditioner because of its therapeutic benefits. It has an extraordinary absorption power compared to other clays used in spas for cleansing and detoxification as well as treatment to general skin problems.
The Rhassoul clay is considered as the perfect clay in the world ideal for all skin care and dermatological use. Certain benefits of using Rhassoul clay for body exfoliation are:
• Leaves the skin less dry and flaky
• Improves the texture, clarity, elasticity and firmness of the skin
• Removes skin impurities
• Unclog and tightens the pores as well as the hair follicles.
• Removes the dead skin layer giving you a radiant glow
In fact, rhassoul clay is suitable for use by people who are suffering from psoriasis, acne, eczema, sensitive skins as well as dandruff and thinning of hair (when used as a shampoo).
The Oil
After cleansing the body, hydrating is the next step in body exfoliation. One of the oils that are commonly used in Moroccan body exfoliation is argan oil that is made from the green nuts of Argan trees. It is considered a rare oil because of the scarcity of the trees in the world. Certain benefits that argan oil gives are:
• Cures burns or other inflammatory bruises in the skin
• Prevents the skin from premature aging symptoms (wrinkles and crow’s feet)
• Prevents the degeneration of muscles
Argan oil is used after the body exfoliation where it is massaged into the skin. It is known for slowing down the degenerative processes going on in long bones of people with Arthritis, increasing the concentration of digestive enzymes as well as block the absorption of cholesterol from the please check pamper packages

Why Massage?

relaxation massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage

The Best Benefits of Getting a Regular Therapeutic Body Massage
Aside from the fact that a whole body massage feels great because of its relaxing effects, it also energizes the body and gives it a whole new glow. Furthermore, a restful massage may be of great relief to an aching back and joints after a whole days work in the office. But, a matter of fact is that people love and enjoy its relaxing effects.
However, there may be more to body massages than what have been mentioned above. Based on some studies, having a regular massage helps the body maintain its optimal function. In addition to this, it keeps people not just physically but emotionally uplifted as well. Massage is said to be therapeutic in the sense that it promotes health in a lot of different ways.
Here are some of the wonders of massage that we most probably do not know about:
1. Fibromyalgia is characterized by moderate to severe muscle pain, muscle tenderness and muscle fatigue and this condition considered to be a chronic condition. Fibromyalgia is worsened by lack of sleep and exposure to extreme stress. The Fibromyalgia Massage has been developed with particular pressure point targets and the amount of pressure needed to promote sleep and relaxation to relieve muscle stiffness and spasms.
2. Mood improvement is another benefit that regular massages can offer because its relaxing effects can help relieve anxiety and treat depression. This is based on the study conducted by the Miami School of Medicine. Having a therapeutic massage is said to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the circulating blood and on the contrary, it increases dopamine and serotonin levels (feel-good hormones).
3. Massage is an effective relief of different types of headaches of different intensities and severity. Millions and millions of people all over the world suffer from migraine headaches. Just like muscle pains, headaches are aggravated by stress and lack of sleep. There have been studies conducted subjecting people suffering from chronic migraine headaches to different treatments including massage. Those who were treated with massage have fewer symptoms because they had a better quality of sleep.
4. Treatment of Hypertension is one of the best health benefits of having a regular massage. The truth is, regular massage can even prevent people from having strokes. The journal Biological Research for Nursing stated in their study that people who underwent at least 10 minutes of massage have lowered their blood pressures significantly than those who just chose regular relaxation.
5. For those who are suffering from the pains of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a regular massage may be the answer to the excruciating pain. In this type of condition, the median nerve connecting the forearm to the hand is pinched or twisted which causes numbness, pain, tingling sensation and burning pain making it absolutely difficult to form a fist or to grip things. According to people with carpal tunnel syndrome who had a regular massage, their pains became less and their grip has greatly improved; this is stated in the Journal of Bodywork Movement.
Having a regular massage could truly help alleviate pain, improve muscle tone and promote psychological health, however, regular treatments and medications prescribed by physicians should still be followed.

The Origins of the Moroccan Bathhouse

The Origins of the Traditional Moroccan Bath House

The Hammam, or public bath, is a centuries-old tradition across the Mediterranean and Middle East. Public bath houses can be traced to ancient Romans, who built thermae public baths across their empire including the Mediterranean, Europe and North Africa. The Byzantine capital of the Roman Empire was Constantinople (modern Istanbul) where the spread of Hammams across the Middle East really took off. Public baths have traditionally been an epicentre for social activity in areas where they were common, as well as important in promoting personal hygiene and public health.

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Benefits of Using Natural Oils

The Benefits of Using Natural Oils

What we put on our skin affects our overall health. Our skin acts as a “third kidney”, creating one of the most important barriers between our internal organs and toxins in the air. In fact, it’s estimated that 68% of modern cancers are a result of toxin exposure from our everyday lives. Materials our skin comes in contact with can enter our bloodstream and either make it harder or easier for our cells to function.

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Benefits of the Moroccan Bath

Experience the Benefits of a Moroccan Bath

The traditional Moroccan Bath (hammam) is a semi-public bath experience that invigorates the body and relaxes the mind. Public bath houses used to be the only way people were able to thoroughly clean themselves before modern plumbing, and so a comprehensive cleanse and relaxation method was developed as part of the bathing experience. Today, we still use the methods used by traditional Moroccan communities, but are able to do so in modern facilities. A traditional hammam has several steps which work in conjunction with one another.

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Detoxifying the Body

Detoxifying the Body in a Moroccan Spa

One of our main focuses at Lella Hammam Spa is to remove as many harmful toxins from the body as possible that are both in the bloodstream and in the skin. We are of the mindset that any form of healing or treatment is not done in isolation — there are several components to each spa treatment that work together to achieve a goal.

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The Moroccan Experience

The Moroccan Spa Experience

It’s very common for Western women and men to experience going to the spa, and is often considered a luxury treatment for special occasions. However, spa treatments are not unique to the West and were in fact extremely common for anyone to experience — rich or poor — in many parts of Morocco. That’s because Moroccan baths, or hammams, are at the centre of both personal and social situations. Men, women, and children go to hammams at least once a week and engage in a long cleansing treatment and catch up with friends to gossip, often spending two or three (if not more) hours at the bath house.

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Why It’s Important to Take Time to Relax

Why It’s Important To Take Time to Relax

When was the last time you took a moment that was purely for yourself? Most of say we should take time for ourselves, but struggle to actually make this dream a reality. With so many activities and opportunities on the Gold Coast, it’s not surprising that the majority of Australians feel stressed much of the time.

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