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Benefits of the Moroccan Bath

Experience the Benefits of a Moroccan Bath

The traditional Moroccan Bath (hammam) is a semi-public bath experience that invigorates the body and relaxes the mind. Public bath houses used to be the only way people were able to thoroughly clean themselves before modern plumbing, and so a comprehensive cleanse and relaxation method was developed as part of the bathing experience. Today, we still use the methods used by traditional Moroccan communities, but are able to do so in modern facilities. A traditional hammam has several steps which work in conjunction with one another.

The Steam Room

The steam room is an essential early stage in a hammam. You’ll enter a room with gentle warm steam flowing through, allowing your skin’s pores to fully open and bring all toxins to the surface. Steam rooms help regulate body temperature and increase both blood and lymphatic circulation. You’ll also experience deep breathing and relief of congestion, muscle tension, or arthritic pain.

Moroccan Rinse

We’ll rinse you off with cool water, bringing the body temperature down and stimulating the thyroid. Thyroid hormones affect every other system in the body as one of the primary regulators. The Moroccan Rinse also helps stimulate your heart rate, promoting circulation to all of your outer limbs.

Hot Stone Wash

As the heart of the Moroccan Bath experience, you’ll lie down on a warm stone, which both relaxes muscle tension and keeps your circulation up. You’ll be washed with Moroccan black soap, which restores minerals into the bloodstream through the skin. The hot stone wash segment of your hammam experience is a major pain reliever and helps to remove toxins.

Moroccan Exfoliation

We use essential oils and scrubs, such as a Dead Sea salt scrub, to vigorously take off dead skin cells and toxin build-up. Whereas regularly exfoliating the skin is an essential part of keeping it healthy, our Moroccan exfoliation treatment takes it a step further — truly removing harmful bacteria, pathogens, and risks for your skin. You’ll finish this step feeling smooth, soft, and lighter.

Oil Rub

After you’ve been washed, bathed, exfoliated, and rinsed, we will leave your skin with all of the essential nutrients and protective moisture it needs with an argan oil rub. This natural oil grown from the argan tree – native to Morocco – does not congest the pores and instead soothes that skin and acts as an antibacterial.

Relax the Body and Mind

The Moroccan Bath experience is not simply to leave your skin soft. It’s about taking time to think and relax without distraction. By stimulating your biological systems, you’ll find your body works at a healthier pace afterward. We use aromatic oils and herbs to help you relax and create the space you need to reflect in peace and with clarity.

The traditional hammam has been used for centuries as a ritualistic place for bathers to cleanse their bodies and metaphorically cleanse their minds.

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