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Benefits of Using Natural Oils

The Benefits of Using Natural Oils

What we put on our skin affects our overall health. Our skin acts as a “third kidney”, creating one of the most important barriers between our internal organs and toxins in the air. In fact, it’s estimated that 68% of modern cancers are a result of toxin exposure from our everyday lives. Materials our skin comes in contact with can enter our bloodstream and either make it harder or easier for our cells to function.

When you use cosmetic products or put anything on your skin, at least some of that product will be ingested through its porous surface. Choosing to use natural products is one way to promote general health and keep your body functioning well.

Lella Hammam Spa uses only natural oils and minerals, which benefit both the skin and your internal processes as they seep through. Here are a few of the oils we use in our spa treatments and what they do.

Argan Oil

We use argan oil as a rub after hammam treatments. It’s filled with anti-oxidants and doesn’t clog pores, but instead moisturises the skin and hair. It is used to soothe acne or irritated skin such as razor bumps, and has anti-ageing effects on wrinkles. Argan oil comes from the argan tree, native to Morocco, and is even used to dip bread in.

Rose Paste

We create a rose paste, made from rose essential oil and transformed into a body scrub. Rose oil is an anti-inflammatory, which soothes irritated skin. It also acts as an antibacterial astringent and antiseptic, meaning it helps cleanse and clear the body of harmful bacteria and pathogens. Rose oil also has antidepressant qualities, which we utilise to relax and create a positive experience for our clients.

Pumpkin Seed Extract

We use pumpkin seed oil as part of our sensitive skin facial, because of its high levels of beta carotene, which promotes healthy skin. Pumpkin seed extract also has many other benefits, including lowering cholesterol, relieving arthritis, and promoting urinary health.

Natural Amber Essential Oil

Amber essential oil comes from the fossilised resin of ancient amber trees. When applied to the skin, amber helps promote new cell growth and increases elasticity of the skin. It also works well to soothe or minimise certain dermatological issues, such as acne or eczema. Amber oil also has analgesic properties, meaning it acts as effective pain relief. We combine amber essential oils into our massage treatments to help relax muscles and promote health.

Orange Blossom Water

In the Middle East, orange blossom water is used to treat upset stomachs and promote digestion. It also can be used as a gentle skin toner and can help regulate blood pressure. Orange blossom water is also a natural reducer for intense menopausal symptoms. We use it as part of many treatments, including floral foot soaks and facials.

Lella Hammam Spa uses only the best natural oils — keeping harmful chemicals away from your skin and promoting good health. To book a treatment, call 07 5679 5330.

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