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Detoxifying the Body

Detoxifying the Body in a Moroccan Spa

One of our main focuses at Lella Hammam Spa is to remove as many harmful toxins from the body as possible that are both in the bloodstream and in the skin. We are of the mindset that any form of healing or treatment is not done in isolation — there are several components to each spa treatment that work together to achieve a goal.

In our heavily polluted world, we ingest more toxins than ever before through the air. Dirt, dust, and harmful pathogens that are floating land on our skin – and it filters many of them out – but inevitably some seep through.

Bringing Toxins to the Surface

One of the foundational treatments we offer, either at the beginning of a spa package or as a treatment by itself, is use of a steam room. The steam room at Lella Hammam Spa brings these toxins to the surface of the skin by opening the pores and using heat to increase circulation.

Extracting Toxins with Natural Herbs and Oils

We have several natural oils that we use for the different effects that they have on the body. To detoxify, we use a clay masque and orange peel wrap that extracts and absorbs toxins that have been brought to the surface in the steam room. Try our Purify and Detoxify Package to harness the power of centuries-old healing herbs and oils.

Healing Damaged Skin

Because your skin acts as such an important protector for the rest of your body, any damage to it can jeopardise this function. Damage from sun overexposure, wounds and scrapes, or even overly dry skin can make toxic bacteria spread and breed under the skin surface. We use treatments on dry and damaged skin that help restore moisture and oxygen, helping your skin return to its natural protecting state. For example, our Intraceutical Facial is designed specifically to rehydrate sun damaged skin and restore antioxidants and hydrants.

Unlocking Mineral Power

One of our specialties is using minerals and precious gems to help restore tissue function and promote cell growth. Our body relies on minerals and vitamins, some of which we obtain from our diet and others which are harder to intake in our everyday lives. By choosing minerals that help increase skin defence, we can help you boost your immune system and replenish your internal stores of minerals. For example, our Precious Gems Energising Pamper Package uses cream made from sapphire dust, which promotes tissue function and hydrates internally.

Caring for your skin is an essential part of detoxifying and keeping yourself healthy. Find out more about our spa treatments and services that help you remove harmful toxins and restore natural protection.

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