Lella Hot Oil Head 40 mins $60.00

Using Indian exotic oils, these herbal oils are a secret blend that works magically with hair, natural oil that moisturises, stimulates growth of hair and repairs, leaving your hair shiny and healthy, and massage then best left on the hair for several hours afterwards for maximum effect.

A holistic health treatment unique to Ayurveda that is also a type of spa treatment or hot oil treatment is Shirodhara. It involves a steady stream of warm Ayurveda oil being gently poured on your forehead as you lie on a massage table. This calming process saturates the head with warm oil, soothing tight scalp, neck and facial muscles. Followed by an Ayurveda head massage finished with back and shoulder massage, it is a great way to generally relieve tension. Traditionally used for anxiety, stress and insomnia, depression anger, confession, headaches, difficulty to sleep

Shirodhara is part of Panchakarma treatment (Ayurveda detoxification process). It involves a steady stream of warm oil being gently poured on the 3rd eye centre of the forehead just between the eyebrows. This calming process saturates the head with the warm oil, soothing the peripheral nerves around the scalp and brain aiding in deep relaxation. Stress



Profiber Regenerate

Resurfaces, Restructures, Repairs

Suitable for damaged hair


L’Oreal  Pro Fiber Reconstruct

Reconstruct concentrate

Supple, Silky Soft, Nourished, Bouncy

Suitable for very damaged hair, sensitised hair, damaged cortex, chemically altered.

At least 4 treatments are recommended for maximum results


 L’Oreal Pro Fiber RestoreRestore concentrate

Nourishes, Repairs, Promotes shine, Easy to detangle, Improves surface of hair

Suitable for coloured/highlighted hair, damaged hair, sensitised hair, frequently styled, chemically altered.


Brazil Cacau Keratin Treatment

From $100.00 – $400.00

Authentic Brazilian Keratin treatment made in Brazil

No harsh chemicals

No formaldehyde

Resists humidity

Reconstructs & conditions


Smooths & seals cuticles

Enables instant manageability

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