Full leg & Bikini $99.00
Half leg ,Underarm,& Brazilian $110.00
Brazilian, Under arm, Lip & Chin $105.00

Pain Free Permanent Hair Reduction

Have you avoided getting hair reduction treatment because it was painful

Have you had the feeling of rubber band being flicked against your skin. It’s not pleasant, especially in more sensitive areas

Have you been disappointed that you could not receive permanent hair reduction treatments because your hair was to light or your skin was too dark or tanned??

Try Australia’s only pain-free hair removal treatment

You can get pain free permanent hair reduction with our 6th generation SHR technology offers pain free hair removal throughout the year

OUR SFHR machine uses special emotion technique for gradual and even heating which achieve results quickly and provide maximum comfort and safety with virtually NO PAIN

For All Hair Colours (EVEN GREY)

For All Type Of Skin Even Sun Tanned Skin
No Down Time
A New Level of World Class Performance
Permanent and Pain Free Hair Removal
Fast and Easy Treatment Time
Ethnic Skin Safe
Never Shave or Wax Again
Smooth, Flawless Skin
Gets Rid of Ingrown Hairs Forever
Amazing Technology/ Amazingly Affordable
maximum comfort and safety with virtually NO PAIN


IPL/ SFHR Hair removal: Questions & Answers:

When can, the treatment be carried out?
the best time is in the Anagen Phase of the hair. In this phase, the concentration for the melanin is the highest in the hair and it bonds to the root. around third of the hair on our body is always in this phase, the pulse light during treatment. Will permanently destroy %20 of the hair roots.

How many treatment appointments do I need?
To get the best results with SHR, 6 to 8 treatment

How long does the treatment session lasts?
It depends on the area treated full leg will take around 25 mins to 35 mins

What colour of skin brings success to the treatment?
Unlike IPL, all skin types can be treated with the SHR including sun Tan skin What must be considered before or after the treatment?

Is there a guarantee of “permanent hair removal “?

The hormone imbalance, menopause pregnancy, or aging will occasionally be the reason of the growth of new hair. Therefore, we can’t guarantee that treatment will bring about lifelong 100 per cent success. But SHR treatment is the safest, the gentlest, the fastest and most effective way of permanent hair removal if it is applied over a sufficiently extended period.

Before the IPL or SHR session the hair should not be plucked, epilated or waxed for at least 2 weeks. Skin should be shaved one day before the treatment. Do not use body lotion before the treatment, do not apply deodorant on the day of the treatment
Important: In the days prior to the treatment drink lots of water, do not use the solarium, do not spend too much time under the sun Are there risks and side effects?
Sensitive skin can experience redness or swelling, these are normal skin reaction and it disappear after brief time.
Some medicinal product can cause photo allergic, phototoxic reactions
Please clarify before the treatment
Tattoos must be covered, or it could be damaged


No advanced payment required IPL- pain- free-hair-removal
LIP $15.00
CHIN $25.00
SIDES 15.00 Each
FULL FACE $55.00
UNDER ARM $20.00
FULL ARM ( women) $45.00
Half ARM( women) $30.00
BIKINI $20.00
BRAZILIAN (women)$60.00
Full LEG ( women)$75.00
HALF LEG ( women) $45.00
CHEST &TUMMY for man $65.00
FULL BACK for man $75.00

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