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The Moroccan Experience

The Moroccan Spa Experience

It’s very common for Western women and men to experience going to the spa, and is often considered a luxury treatment for special occasions. However, spa treatments are not unique to the West and were in fact extremely common for anyone to experience — rich or poor — in many parts of Morocco. That’s because Moroccan baths, or hammams, are at the centre of both personal and social situations. Men, women, and children go to hammams at least once a week and engage in a long cleansing treatment and catch up with friends to gossip, often spending two or three (if not more) hours at the bath house.

Lella Hammam Spa emulates the traditional Moroccan spa experience by using the same process and oils that Moroccans have been using for centuries. We know that these traditions exist for a reason, and have created a purpose-built hammam on the Gold Coast so that Australians may experience the tranquillity of a Moroccan spa. Like Moroccan traditions, we focus on taking the body through a complete journey.

Circulation and Internal Health

An essential part of a Moroccan spa experience is taking the body through several temperature changes using a mix of air, water, and steam. By moving from room to room, all set to different temperatures, you’ll improve circulation of both your blood and lymphatic systems — helping your body naturally boost its immune system power and promoting the functions of all of your internal organs. The Grand Moroccan Hammam experience takes your body on this journey and leaves you feeling more settled and healthy.

Toxin Removal

Our bodies collect toxins from the air and food we consume. In our world which is filled with pollution, it’s more important than ever to actively remove harmful toxins that prevent our bodies from functioning properly and cause disease. By using a steam room infused with essential aromatic oils, we bring all toxins to the surface of the skin, and then scrub them away with natural body scrubs. Our Moroccan Rose Journey uses a rose petal scrub that extracts toxins and leaves the skin with a natural astringent that protects and refreshes. All of our hammam packages include a Moroccan rinse and Moroccan black soap wash, which helps to replenish minerals and fight against toxin build-up.

Skin Rejuvenation and Protection

One of the most outwardly noticeable effects of a Moroccan hammam experience is that your skin leaves feeling softer and firmer than ever. Your skin is your body’s first line of defence against toxins in the air, and helps filter bodily fluids and maintain homeostasis. Removing dead skin cells and replenishing protection to the skin is essential for overall health. We use natural oils and minerals, such as a clay body masque, henna, rose petals, orange blossom water, and argan oil to fully treat the skin in our Thousand and One Moroccan Night hammam package.

Muscle Relaxation

A crucial part of the Moroccan ritual of visiting the public baths was allowing a time to relieve the body from a hard week at work. Over the course of the week, our muscles build up tension and aches, so the Moroccan spa is designed to leave them with more than surface level relief. The Royal Moroccan Hammam package helps your muscles relax with a full body massage after you’ve increased your circulation.

To book your Moroccan spa experience in our traditional hammam on the Gold Coast, call 07 5679 5330.


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